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Scraper with Wooden Handle 7164(GMG)

Scraper with Wooden Handle 7164(GMG)

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Price: Negotiable

Brand: KAPOK

Min. order: 100  

Hscode: 8205590000

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  • Product Code:131217611941
  • Item:131217126274
  • Min. Order:100 
  • HS CODE: 8205590000
  • Contain: Measured by the actual loading
  • Supply Ability: Meet the demand at our utmost
  • Payment Terms: L/C , T/T , D/P , L/G
  • Pack: Export standard packing
  • port: China Main Ports
  • Weight: g

    1. The putty knife is included as one of the auxiliary tool in the paint.

    2. Often used by the painter as hand tools due to its simpleness and convenience.

    3. Used to scraping, shoveling, painting, filling, building construction and other aspects of our life.

    4. High hardness, not easy to bend.


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