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SH puer tea BY2011

SH puer tea BY2011

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Hscode: 902302000

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  • Unit : PCS
  • Min. Order:1  PCS
  • HS CODE: 902302000
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GDNP Customer Service Center

GDNP Customer Service Center is one of the operating cores under the “Guangxin Trade Fair ”platform, covering currently all the main trade of goods of GDNP , including characteristic products such as forestry chemical products, wood and bamboo products, fireworks firecracker, tea, household utensils, etc., and other integrated class products such as composite materials for home appliances, vehicles & spare parts, etc.

This customer service center also manage the brand products under GDNP , such as  "Sailing Boat Brand” rosin, "Horse Brand” fireworks, "Double Happiness Brand” candle, and “Lion Brand” mosquito-repellent, which enjoy great fame both in domestic and international market.

GDNP Customer Service Center will always provide customers, be them domestic or overseas, with first-rate products and services, to facilitate future business and mutual developments.


Branch Add.

114th Floor,NO.108, Jiangnan Road Cental,Guangzhou,China

2No.2 Kuipengzhou, Shengyuanwei, Fangcun, Liwan District, Guangzhou, China