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BOPA film

BOPA film

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Price: 4300.00


Min. order: 10   METRIC TON

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  • Product Code:120906242365
  • Item:120906869569
  • Unit : METRIC TON
  • Min. Order:10  METRIC TON
  • Supply Ability: 1500 ton
  • Payment Terms: T/T or L/C at sight
  • Pack: Wooden pallet
  • port: Foshan
  • Weight: g


    BOA: Balanced type

    TOA-C: Print & lamination ;      TOA-S: Lamination

    OA-1: Print & lamination ;        OA-2: Lamination


    Thickness (μm)

    Width (mm)

    Roll Diameter (mm)

    12, 15




    l         Excellent resistance to puncture and abrasion.

    l         Wide temperature use range (-600C ~1500C).

    l         Good barrier against oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and odor.

    l         High transparency and gloss.

    Usage Examples:

    BOPA (15μm) / EVA (50μm) (or PE 50-60μm)

    Ham, sausage

    PET (12μm) // AL (7~9μm) // BOPA(15μm) // CPP (60~70μm)

    Fired chicken

    K-OPA (15μM) // PE (40~60μm)

    Dried fish

    BOPA (15μm) // PE (40μm)

    Sea food

    BOPA 15μm // PE (60-100μm)

    Refined rice

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