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  • Product Code:120912731069
  • Item:120912599470
  • Min. Order:300 
  • HS CODE: 4016910000
  • Contain: 5022
  • Payment Terms: T/T
  • Pack: 透明袋+彩卡
  • port: GUANGZHOU
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Guangdong Light Customer Service Center is one of the operating cores under the Guangxin Trading platform. Through self-accumulation, fully-includsiveness and largely-promotion in over thirty years, Guangdong Light forms a rich and unique enterprice concept and value. We are keen to work on the professional management and development, mainly in the fields of household items, hardware, building materials, luggage, costume, electrionic appliance, kitchen items and Christmas gifts. By enhancing our awareness and creativity, we offer more high-quality products and specialty service for our customers and realize our own value in the society, which carries out a win-win result. Our standing concept is to do business honestly, to harmonize the trading and the people, and to open a wider market in the world, No matter right now or in the future, this is the only concept guided us to win the faith, the people and the future, in the way of intergrity management and abidance by the contracts, we strike for the excellence to give more than our customers expect.


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