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u  Member registration

The first stepclick on the “free registration”button in the upper left home page, then you can enter the user free registration page

The second step, input required information in the registration page, then submit after you finish;

The third step, registered successfully and automatically login.


u Members login

The first step,click on theplease loginbutton in the upper left home pagethen you can enter the user login page

The second step, fill in the email and password entered when you registered , then login;

u Members management

The first step, after the success of login, you can view, manage and set up your own favorites and your own inquiry list;

The second step, you can handle the inquiry list, check the customer service center and give your advice in the Service Recommendation.

u Product inquiry

The first step, after you login successfully ,you can add the require products into the inquiry list according to the commodity classification catalogues, recommend brands and great customer service to browse commodity, you can do some related operation to the number of items in my inquiry list, then immediately click inquiry button after your adjustment,

The second step, fill out inquiry information and check up whether your individual specific contact information is right ,then click on the button to submit the inquiry;

The third step, the inquiry has been successfully confirmed ,then you can check your email or return to the home page to continue to inquiry.

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