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"Guangdong Trade Fair"—— Optimizing platform for SMEs

"Guangdong Trade Fair" as an e-commerce platform was built in 2011. The new platform which relies on the abundant offline resources of Guangdong Guangxin Holdings Group tends to be a collection of exhibition, trade, management and DM (data mining). With the characteristics of brand marketing, major customer service and financial services, it`s the optimizing electric business platform for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) to develop the international market and build their own brands.

1.     The credibility of State-owned enterprises, Professional team, Strength as a guarantee

Guangdong Guangxin Holdings Group Ltd ( hereinafter referred to as the Group ) which attaches to Guangdong provincial SASAC, is a state-owned enterprise group, composing several major province-owned exporting companies, with registered capital of 1.6 billion RMB and the total number of employees close to 24 thousands during 2011. It ranked No. 168 in 2012`s top 500 Chinese enterprises, No.58 in China's top 500 enterprises in service industry,No.54 in China 100 largest multinationals and ranked 13 with 23.31 in Transnational Index .

The Group is now consisted of 21 tier-one enterprises, with listed companies including Star Lake Bioscience Co., Inc., FSPG Hi-Tech CO., Ltd., ShengYi Technology Co., Ltd. and GDAD Co., Ltd. at home and 3 listed companies abroad., the Group has established 10 famous Chinese brands and trademarks, 30 Guangdong well-known exporting brands, 19 technology-based research centers, 162 technical patents and a number of the national or even global largest production bases.

2.     A wide variety of products, Process specifications, Professional services

"Guangdong Trade Fair" platform made the traditional business processes electronic and digitized and broke the traditional constraints of time and space trade marketing with openness and global, both of which are beneficial for enterprises to:

 shorten the trade chain,  establish independent marketing channels, carry out R & D,  stimulate new foreign trade growth,  promote the transformation of traditional foreign trade development mode,  and to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional foreign trade.

Ø  Ever online B2B trade fair

"Guangdong Trade Fair" has decades` rich experience and resources in foreign trade, complete specification of business processes and a huge foreign trade personnel. It is an online showroom and overall trading floor for thousands of products. Advanced technology, new business models, and large scale, strong ability of resources integration and wide range of radiation are the distinctive features.

Ø  Multi-functional integrated marketing platform

"Guangdong Trade Fair" platform`s function consists of product display, brand awareness, inquiry transactions, business management and data mining functions. With the characteristics of brand marketing, major customer service and financial services, the trade fair contains the whole process of quotation and trade execution.

It has become a integrated marketing platform functioning as the Group's own brand, agency of SMEs and platform for small and medium-sized product promotion.

Ø  Integrated Services Platform

"Guangdong Trade Fair" platform trading commodity groups complete market coverage, trade advantages, by carrying out the bulk of the wholesale and interaction network of retail business, providing customized products and brand marketing services, providing standardized services foreign trade processes , providing supply chain trade finance services and providing personalized one-stop integrated services including customs clearance, shipping, certification and so on.

Ø  "Big Data" electronic business platform

We can communicate with our customers through "Guangdong Trade Fair" platform not only by online , SMS or e-mail and other means , but also by providing exercise quotes, orders , turnover , customer, product , gross profit and other data through intelligent reporting tools for data collection, statistics, analyzes and forecasts .The data are timely and accurate reflection of the overall size of foreign trade goods , structural changes , trends and problems , to some extent sharing resources, the accumulation of information for businesses and manufacturers to accumulate information, mining demand , forecast the market , avoid trade risks.The platform has initially formed the "Big Data" acquisition and processing capabilities.

Platform has brought together nearly a hundred Group`s owned and agency brands , thousands of goods and more than 80,000 customers worldwide . 2012 Guangdong Trade Fair sales totaled 16.8 billion, it showed that the trade fair has become an engine for transformation and upgrading of traditional trading business.

Currently, besides product display, enquiries and checking, marketing services, order place and other basic services, the platform also has a large customer service center which play a key role in searching customer and providing personalized services, providing trade finance services to SMEs financial supply chain services center, reducing the user’s application threshold trade credit insurance and other value added services. 

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