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The Corporate logoformed by a blue and a green circle which look like "Golden" prefix"G", "Star" prefix "S" and "Garden"prefix "G" stealth pattern. The design symbolizes the blue sky, thewhite clouds and the green grass which gives a natural, fresh impression. Italso fully reflects the “green" corporate philosophy. It implies that thecorporate is mainly focus on environmentally friendly products, showing thedistinctive nature of the industry and a unique corporate identity.

The combination ofblue and green color is to express the vitality and environmentalconsciousness. At the same time, the logo’s circular shape embodies the strongcohesion of the enterprise. It also clearly demonstrates the enterprises’ internationalstand. The corporate is mainly focus on manufacturing environmentally friendlyproducts. And it continues its expansion to the domestic and foreign markets.The enterprise is aim at diversifying its business and so that to maintain itsstrong development trend.

Our qualitysystem: We obtained ISO9001: 2000 and being effective from 1998. Conduct anannual audit, in order to maintain certification. Products meet the BritishStandard BS and German standards. We have also obtained GS and FSC certification.

Developmentobjective: to increase brand value and expand brand awareness.

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