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Fireworks is one of the four major export businesses for our company Guangdong Native Produce Imp./Exp. Corp. (Group), with an annual export volume of nearly 20 million US dollars. Our markets are throughout Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. We ranks second among fireworks exporting companies in Japan Market, with a market share of 30%. The registered trademark " Horse brand ", by virtue of its unique design, excellent quality and high quality service, has been renowned overseas since the 1970s.The varieties of fountain, sparkler and popper, novelty item, aerial spinner, display shell, combination,etc,are well received by foreign customers. In recent years,We have been keeping on researching and innovating for “Horse Brand”, and promoteing its use in more and more fields,  available for private and public celebration."Horse brand "fireworks has won the first prize in the Canadian second session of Montreal International Fireworks Competition, acquired the Jupiter award. In 2011, "Horse brand" was named "Guangzhou famous trademark " by the Guangzhou Municipal Commerce and Industry Bureau.

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