Commodity Character

l OriginalGreek import with reliable quality

l Honestand trustworthy state-owned enterprise with many years management experience infood business

l Oliveoil is called liquid gold which has many benefits to our health

l Edibleand external use with food standard

l Can beused to fry/noodle and rice/bake 



Storage Instruction

Avoid direct sunlight

Commodity Quality


The third party Certification


Suitable occasion

Mother’s Day/Woman’s Day/Birthday/New Year/Dragon Boat Festival/Mid-Autumn Day


Unique sweet flavor of olive fruit


Packaging Information

Glass Bottle



Country of Origin

Crete, Greece

Product Description

Greeks use olive oil every day as edible oil which is rich inmonounsaturated fatty acids. This can retain health and beauty while eating. Thatis the healthy and happy life secret of Greek people. Aseed extra virgin oliveoil comes from the famous hometown of olives----Crete of Greece. Theinternational standard of extra virgin is the acidity can not be higher than0.8% while Aseed extra virgin olive oil only has 0.26% which is much higherthan international standard. Kaglis of Crete is an important area for productionof olives and olive oil and has been inhabited and start olive cultivation asearly as 5000 years ago. Kaglis has gotten the certification of ISO22000 whichis issued by ESYD. The certification scope includes agriculturalproduction/environment/packaging in the process. Now, Guangdong FoodstuffsImport and Export (Group) Corporation brings the olive oil to China to shareyou with the taste of old Europe.

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